The Singing Bird

In a neighboring country there lived a singing bird.

In appearance, this bird was not different from other birds. His little yellow head rested on a magnificent blue plumage tainted with white on his chest. But … he had a special gift.

One day, by chance, his gift was noticed. This bird loved to sing for his Lord; He praised Him for every opportunity that presented itself. He loved to get up early in the morning to admire the sunrise and take all his time to worship his Lord. He did so every morning since his youth.

One morning his song went very far.

His neighbor, the squirrel, sitting in his chair, a cup of tea in one hand and his diary in the other, suddenly heard this celestial melody. “I have to find out where this melody comes from! He exclaimed. He jumped out of his chair, jumped across the fields while searching for the origin of this beautiful melody.

At the same time, a doe that trotted through the woods heard the sweet melody too. “What a magnificent song! She cried. “I am curious to know who can sing as well. For her part, too, the doe went in search of the singer.

The singing bird, of course, did not suspect anything. He was unconscious of all the excitement that his praise had aroused. He was lost in his adoration when he saw the squirrel, the doe and a dozen other animals arrive!

All, in the same voice filled with admiration, asked him: “Where did you learn to sing thus? ”

The bird shrugged and replied, “I sing this every time I praise my Lord! Did I disturb you?
“We bother? Replied the doe. “You have such a melodious voice! By listening to you praise the Lord so early, we feel so close to Him. You have a wonderful gift. ”

“Ah! Are you saying that? Asked the songbird.

“But absolutely! Said the squirrel. “God has blessed you so that you may be blessed by others. It is a gift that you should not waste. “You received a special call,” said all the animals of one heart.

“I do not want to lose this particular gift,” the bird replied. “What do I have to do to keep it?” “Come with us to worship this morning,

The bird, mute before so much admiration, did not know what to do. He did not want to lose his gift and he wanted others to be blessed through him. So he accepted with pleasure the offer of the doe.

Obviously, the congregation of animals was blessed by the songs of the bird. It was so so that she invited the bird to come and sing to worship every Sunday morning. In front of such a gift, the small group began to grow so much that the singing bird delighted the ears.

The singing bird did not let itself be proud and never asked to direct the congregation. He was, however, given the place of responsible for the group of praise; He also became the choir repeater and twice a week he was responsible for giving singing lessons to the pastor’s daughter so that she could learn to sing as well as he did.

One Sunday morning a group of eagles arrived, listening attentively to the singer. After the worship, the eagles came to place themselves around the singing bird and began to prophesy! One says, “The Lord says that you have a special anointing, and He will give you an international ministry! “
At this announcement, the singer bird shivered with joy because he was eager to use the gift received. He wanted to be blessed.

Another member of the group, the fox, offered the bird to record his songs on a CD. “So,” he explained, “more people will be blessed through your songs. All the creatures of God will be blessed through you. That’s what the eagles meant when they told you you would have an international ministry! ”

In a short time the CDs were made, the fox had only to promote them all over the world. Commands poured in, each one said he was blessed by this sweet melody. Then the invitations arrived: “Is the singing bird allowed to come and sing during our worship? Every one wished to receive him; The fox took care of the organization.


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“Congratulations! “He said to the singing bird. “Your presence is reserved weekly for the next two years. Everyone wants to hear you; Your CDs are sold in every shop of the world. You can now fully invest in your ministry! The Lord has blessed you! ”

The singing bird followed the directions of the fox and flew across the world to meet the many demands; His ministry was now full-time. The fox had him made a special backpack that could hold all his CDs, the financial aid received to help him in his ministry, and so on.

The singing bird exercised its ministry during the cults, during the retreats, during the conventions, gave concerts. He really liked to meet other animals and loved above all to sing.

Yet he began to tire himself of stealing all the time to go from one assembly to another, and his voice seemed to lose a little of his usual power and purity as he was tired; It began to fade with time, but he accepted it. For him, this was part of the vagaries of his ministry and he was ready to suffer for this call on his life. Moreover, no one seemed to notice this alteration. Everyone loved him and wanted to hear it.
Time passed and the singing bird became more and more popular. His ministry was well launched now; Everything was organized, he had staff and partners around the world. His next CD was coming out and everyone was waiting for him in great excitement. The little bird singer was very busy, he kept going from one place to another, always with his little backpack. He began to feel the constraint of his ministry and was easily tired.

One day, as he went to his next engagement and flew over a deserted, exhausted canyon, he decided to stop to rest for a moment. Far behind him, he saw a splendid flower of indescribable beauty. He flew around the flower and then stopped.

What a pretty little flower was it? Its round petals were strewn with yellow, blue, pink and white, its leaves were golden. He had never seen such a marvel during his travels around the world. And the perfume! He was different from all the other perfumes he had ever felt. The flower was there, growing at the bottom of a crack of a rock of the great canyon, in the middle of nowhere.

“Hey! Little Flower ! Said the singing bird. “I was flying and just passing over you, I admired your beauty and thought about asking me to spend some time with you. You are certainly the prettiest flower I have ever seen, there is certainly no other flower as beautiful as you. ”

“I am truly filled with the grace of God,” replied the flower amiably. ” Who are you ? And where are you going? ”

“I’m a Pastor Bird singer and I’m on my way to sing in an assembly on the other side of this canyon. No doubt have you already listened to my CDs? Or have you seen me on TV? ”

“No, I do not think so,” said the flower. “I’m alone here in this canyon and I do not have much contact with the rest of the world. As you can see, I have no wings to carry me somewhere. “